Newly Launched Building with Smart Technologies Provided by Embrio

We are proud to announce our recently completed Smart Solutions at 18 Robinson. 18 Robinson is a stunning 28-story integrated building in the Central Business District of Singapore designed by the award-winning New York-based architect, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, & architects61.

This brand-new building includes 8 levels of retail shops and 20 levels of Grade-A office, which will be launched to the public soon with many state of the art smart technology provided by Embrio Enterprises.

One such solution is the Smart Access Control System (Entrée) designed for the offices of 18 Robinson. Tenants simply scan their mobile phones to access the turnstiles. Visitors can self-register and scan the QR code on the turnstile reader where the lifts are activated to receive the guests and bring them to the desired floor-Automatically.

The 2nd solution we designed for 18 Robinson is the Smart Parking System. Embrio’s automated car parking system is integrated with a mobile app. Cars will be parked by the auto system, and a QR code will be generated and sent to the owners’ mobile phones where they can retrieve their cars with ease.

Embrio also designed an indoor way-finder (Sherpa) technology for this building. With this mobile app, getting lost in a mall will be a thing of the past. Shoppers including the visually impaired will be able to find their way easily. It was also successfully tested by the users from SAVH (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) last year. The real-time voice navigation mobile App can guide the visually impaired to find their way easily. The service will function seamlessly even as you travel several floors within a lift or escalator.

A Typical Application of Embrio Smart Door Access Solution in Condo

– easy installation with no major works needed;
– runs on WiFi or LAN;
– can be reused by uninstalling and redeploying to other new buildings.

Last time we introduced Embrio’s AI-Powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution. We mentioned Embrio designs specific solutions for large building owners, small offices, residence and property managers for different requirements and scenarios. In this article, we will be focusing on the typical application for residential and office properties. 

Security and convenience are the two most critical features when it comes to a door access system, especially for the condo residents and their property management. This Smart Door Access Solution will meet your ideal requirements for community safety and modernize your building facilities.


  • See who is the visitor before answering the call;
  • Start a video call with the visitors before buzzing them in;
  • Assign a time-limited PIN to a deliveryman to ensure safety;


  • Control the entrance/door access remotely with a mobile App;
  • Release a visitor via Bluetooth, NFC or a time-limited virtual key;
  • View all the door access history from a web portal or the mobile App easily;

Welcome to contact us for more details if you are looking for some door access solution currently.

AI-Powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution

Is your office or home still burdened with outdated and inefficient door and security systems? This smart access control system brings you a new experience in the era of AI.

Facial recognition has made headlines in these recently 2 years for the rapid rise in companies and government agencies using it for tracking and surveillance. In the trend of this technology, Akuvox launched an access control device named R29C that put it together with an AI-driven analysis system to improve the recognition rate on the base of their mature intercom technology.

R29C has a 7” IPS LCD capacitive touch screen and comes together with dual cameras that can do face liveness detection. With R29C as the center, Emrbio develops this AI-powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution which combines with a mobile APP so that the user can control their door/gate access remotely.

Meanwhile, the facial recognition system also enables the user to easily monitor an entrance door/gate and ensures the facility is more secure.

This door access solution saves the need for a receptionist. The user can put the device in the lobby entrance of the building or at the entrance of their main office. It will offer multiple methods of door entry which include cutting-edge facial recognition, RF cards, QR code or other private keys. All visitors can intuitively search the digital building directory on the lobby door phone and ring up the company they are visiting.

Embrio has also designed specific solutions to meet different requirements or scenarios:

  • Large Office Building;
  • Small Office/Factory;
  • House/Villa;
  • Condo Management;

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details.