A Typical Application of Embrio Smart Door Access Solution in Condo

– easy installation with no major works needed;
– runs on WiFi or LAN;
– can be reused by uninstalling and redeploying to other new buildings.

Last time we introduced Embrio’s AI-Powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution. We mentioned Embrio designs specific solutions for large building owners, small offices, residence and property managers for different requirements and scenarios. In this article, we will be focusing on the typical application for residential and office properties. 

Security and convenience are the two most critical features when it comes to a door access system, especially for the condo residents and their property management. This Smart Door Access Solution will meet your ideal requirements for community safety and modernize your building facilities.


  • See who is the visitor before answering the call;
  • Start a video call with the visitors before buzzing them in;
  • Assign a time-limited PIN to a deliveryman to ensure safety;


  • Control the entrance/door access remotely with a mobile App;
  • Release a visitor via Bluetooth, NFC or a time-limited virtual key;
  • View all the door access history from a web portal or the mobile App easily;

Welcome to contact us for more details if you are looking for some door access solution currently.

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