AI-Powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution

Is your office or home still burdened with outdated and inefficient door and security systems? This smart access control system brings you a new experience in the era of AI.

Facial recognition has made headlines in these recently 2 years for the rapid rise in companies and government agencies using it for tracking and surveillance. In the trend of this technology, Akuvox launched an access control device named R29C that put it together with an AI-driven analysis system to improve the recognition rate on the base of their mature intercom technology.

R29C has a 7” IPS LCD capacitive touch screen and comes together with dual cameras that can do face liveness detection. With R29C as the center, Emrbio develops this AI-powered Facial Recognition Door Access Solution which combines with a mobile APP so that the user can control their door/gate access remotely.

Meanwhile, the facial recognition system also enables the user to easily monitor an entrance door/gate and ensures the facility is more secure.

This door access solution saves the need for a receptionist. The user can put the device in the lobby entrance of the building or at the entrance of their main office. It will offer multiple methods of door entry which include cutting-edge facial recognition, RF cards, QR code or other private keys. All visitors can intuitively search the digital building directory on the lobby door phone and ring up the company they are visiting.

Embrio has also designed specific solutions to meet different requirements or scenarios:

  • Large Office Building;
  • Small Office/Factory;
  • House/Villa;
  • Condo Management;

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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