Artificial Intelligence-Driven Mobile Testing Automation

An Introduction to Eggplant Mobile APP Testing Tools 

Businesses are now themselves digital products. From legacy mainframe apps, to desktop apps, to web apps to cutting edge mobile apps – Success is not solely defined by whether the product works – but does it provide an amazing digital experience, hit business goals and beat the competition.

With this background, we would like to introduce one of our testing software services, Eggplant where we combine Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Testing Automation to enable testing teams to test software under different dynamic scenarios and short timeframes. Eggplant equips companies with these abilities, giving testing teams unparalleled precision for meeting today’s continuous delivery expectations. We provide a scalable platform for test automation that moves beyond static failure notices to show teams where the problems lie, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve these issues. And because we are technology and platform agnostic, we provide a future-proof approach ready made for the IoT and other emerging technology innovations.

Eggplant has been voted by independent research houses Gartner and Forrester as one of the top testing software companies in the world. Some of our customers include companies from the following sectors such as finance, telecommunications, automobile, aerospace and defence, healthcare, etc.

  • Gartner Ranking
  • Forrester Ranking

Want to know more about Eggplant testing tools? please refer to the following video links for details.

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