Facility Management Platform

What is CharIoT?

CharIoT is a cross platform that is centred around the management of a building or facility. Through the use of IoT and automation tools to raise the effectiveness and ease of day to day operation for all level of participants.

Key Feature

Issues Management

Restore the normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the impact on the tenants and vendors

Data Logging

Collect data through cameras, sensors, and meters over a period of time and upload to the cloud server in real-time

Assets Management

Save the history data automatically. Analyze data and assess product lifespan to ensure the inventory

Custom Development

Design and develop a pack of application/software according to the specific building management request

Visitor Management

Track all the people access to the building, including tenants, visitors and the official managements

Your Benefits

  1. Easy Deploy
  2. Optimized Workflow
  3. Swift Response
  4. Central Database
  5. Flexible
  6. Valuable

Benefits for all participants

Building Owner

  • Stay on top of all incidents and employees work schedule
  • Live Status of Building available 24/7
  • Receive Nightly Populated Reports


  • Central Knowledge Database provides operational guides and every facility's maintenance history on-the-move
  • Efficient manage task list on-the-move
  • Easier troubleshooting with building simulation models and fault tracing capabilities

Tenants & Vendors/Contractors

  • Hassle-free fault reporting via QR code. Keep track of fault-rectification status via SMS/Email
  • Faster response to any incidents reported resulting in lesser downtime
  • Cloud based communication medium with building representatives for better administration

Facility Manager

  • Streamline maintenance workflows
  • Efficient staff orientation
  • Track incidents and generate reports with ease


  • User profile and roles are first created and defined within chariot
  • Permissions and access rights are given as per the roles within a facility/building
  • Task and alerts are automatically assigned to specific user groups as per settings created

Omni-smart Facilities

Omni Smart Facilities is the core of what drives automation within Chariot.

Allowing interaction with the building assets and devices without being physically present

Achieved through 3 important components:

Omni-smart Facilities QR Code

Location Tagging, Device Identification

Our system’s QR codes are tagged to any location that you define. Once you scan the QR code with your phone, you would be taken to an online web form that allows you to fill in the details required to report the issue.

The webform can also capture photos that you take of any incident.

IPHONEs can natively capture QR codes, for android phones, please download any free QR code reader to scan the QR Code

Once the webform is submitted, the issue will be reflected on the web portal, which allows the relevant party to take action“

Benefits to QR Code


  • Convenient Access
  • Easy to implement
  • Secure Protocol

Omni Smart Facilities IoT

IoT such as sensors and meters enables previously unachievable levels of tracking and monitoring of devices remotely.

  • Do predictive analysis and forecast lifespan of devices through the input of data
  • Remotely monitor health and status of devices without the hassle of physically moving from one place to another

Water Meters to gather data remotely. Using a combination of hardware and software to measure the water flow in the pipeline and transmit the data through radio frequency to the application server.   

The 3 Water meters  would be of different calibers i.e 15,20 and 25.

This reduces the need for manpower dedicated to patrol such meters and reduces human errors

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