Embrio’s Wayfinder Project In 18 Robinson Won BCA GoldPlus Award

The widely acclaimed 18 Robinson building was awarded the Universal Design Mark GoldPlus Award 2020 from Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for its design approach in providing barrier-free environment. The most prominent feature of this building is the excellent design integration, which includes a user-friendliness interactive mobile application developed by Omnitribe – a subsidiary of Embrio Group.

This app runs on both on iOS and Android, integrates the visitor and tenant management system with the lift, turnstile and carpark system into a seamless flow. Users can use their mobiles to access the turnstiles and lifts or to retrieve their vehicles from the unified automated parking system run by an unmanned guided vehicle.

Another highlight of this application is the wayfinding feature called “Sherpa” that comes with voice application that allows visual or hearing impaired visitors with a less than 1-meter radius accuracy.

Omnitribe’s Sherpa indoor navigator is just one part of the comprehensive suite of smart solutions, such as Chariot (Smart Facility Management Platform) and Entrée (Smart Visitor Management Platform).

Sherpa also works with other outdoor mobile tracking platforms to form a total solution for Track and Trace for fleet and staff in outdoor deployments.

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