Managing people coming in and going out, be they guest visitors, tenants, owners, management staff or others, of a managed premise has always been an immense challenge. Efforts using traditional methods for identification, intruder detection and granting access area is a wearisome and tedious process.

Entrée VMS system not only enables automation of these processes but also is uncompromising on major security aspects. With this VMS, building management can grant access to their tenants, staff and all visitors while keeping track of all entry records within a single framework. Digital records such as identity and timestamp are all logged.

Individual office tenants are also able to register their own visitors and grant them temporary access, relieving the building management or the security counter certain mundane tasks. The system can track the entry of VIP guests, management staff as well as special delegates to the building to allocate special welcome messages on wallboards and digital signages.

Integrated Solution

for Access Control

Entrée is also capable of interfacing with various technologies and access systems/readers for even lifts and gates making it a robust and flexible solution for new or existing buildings.


> Secure and systematic management of all people within the building.

> Able to issue mobile access control credentials from the VMS utilizing various technologies such as QR-code, NFC, Bluetooth on top of physical methods.

> More robust access restrictions can be set such as limiting a visitor to a certain floor and permitted timeframe.

> With various administrative rights, the building management can give their tenants more freedom to register their own guests or visitors.

Intelligent Gate Access System

Scenario 1Turnstile System

  1. Pre-Registration
    • For tenants, they should get a user account from the building management officer in advance;
    • For visitors, they should pre-registered by themselves or by a tenant;
  2. Scan & Access
    • Tenants pass the turnstile by Bluetooth or scan the QR code of their account in the mobile APP;
    • Visitors scan the QR code on the turnstile reader and can only stay for a limited period;
  3. Reach
    • Mobile APP will guide the tenants to the specific floor of his/her office/shop;
    • Guide the visitors to go to the specific floor or meeting room as the pre-registered information;

Intelligent Lift Management System

Scenario 2Lift System

Intelligent Reception (People)

Face Recognition

Identify face and characteristics: age, gender, emotion, ethnicity, etc.

Match the data with the back-end cloud server and recognize if the one under the camera is a VIP member of this building;

Greeting to the VIP

All the information will send to the central control platform and trigger next action:

  • – The screen above the main entrance may show something like: Welcome Mr. XXX to Our Building;
  • – The reception and the management will receive a SMS to get notice: XXX reach our office;
  • – Provide more personalized customer service.

Self Registration

for Drive-in Visitors

  1. Resident Registers Appointment Online
  2. Visitor/Contractor receives SMS or Email with QR code or pin
  3. Visitors can update registration online
  4. Authorize drive-in visitor scans QR code at barrier. Visitor photo and car plate is captured. Both barriers for visitors drop off area and to carpark are lifted.
    • Time access.  Gantry will not be lifted for over-stayers.  Security will be notified via SMS.  Time extension must be updated by residents.
  5. UNAUTHORISED Vehicles – Only the gantry to visitors drop off area will be  lifted, and LCD display will inform vehicle to leave within 5 minutes. Security will be notified via SMS.  Only limited number of unauthorised cars allowed into drop off area to avoid bottlenecks.  Gantry will not be lifted for subsequent unauthorised vehicles if drop off area has not been cleared. 
  6. Resident receive SMS Notification / Authorize Visitor
  7. Visitor Receive SMS to Proceed

Intelligent Car Parking System (Vehicle)

Part 1Main Gate Gantry

Register online in advance with all the related information (name, car plate number, time slot, etc.):

  • – Tenants: seasoning parking or meter parking;
  • – Visitors: be invited by some tenant and can access only in a limited period;

Scan the plate number and discharge.

Part 2Parking Slot

Assign a slot: the GPS and indoor location system will guide the visitor to the visiting parking area;

Manage a slot: if a visitor parks in a wrong slot, the building management can find who is the car owner in the online system very easily and call or message him/her immediately;

Find a car: the indoor locator system will guide the car owner to find his/her car easily.

Part 3Automatic Parking

Assign a slot: after the visitor drive his/her car into the lift, the automatic system will transport the car to a parking slot;

Find a car: once the visitor finish his/her meeting, he/she can use the mobile App to collect the car. What he/she need to do is just wait outside the car lift;

Integrate with building: Integration with Entry Access System and possible CCTV Security for storage and retrieval of vehicles.

Intelligent Loading Bay (Cargo)

Discharge Cargo

All the truck drivers need to pre-register before they visit the building;

The registered truck should schedule a timeslot and reach on time;

Only the pre-registered truck can park in the loading bay;

The surveillance system will catch the plate number and raise the gantry automatically.

Shopping Basket