Equip Your Building/Office with the Cutting-edge Smart Solutions

New year, new beginnings. In the year 2020, Embrio will focus on our Smart Building Solutions. Let’s share the whole set of Smart Solutions with you again.

These Smart Solutions are suitable for new or existing office buildings, residential buildings, and small office rooms as well. As shown in the video above, our solutions include:

  • Entrée visitor management system: grant access to the tenants, staff and all visitors while keeping track of all entry records within a single framework;
  • Sherpa way-finder system: an indoor navigator guide on the mobile app with 1-metre radius accuracy;
  • Chariot facility management system: tackle key areas of property management such as work requests management, assets monitoring and management integrating with IoT mechanisms and data analytics capabilities;
  • Other customized solutions based on facial recognition technology and IoT sensors;

Our solutions are Low cost, Low maintenance, Durable and Hassle-free.

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