Environmental, economic and social pressures are demanding better performance from our commercial and public buildings. The key to being able to do this is the abilit to control, monoitor and optimise the devices and services that are installed and future-proof this abilit to cope with emerging new technologiees and trends.

An Intelligent building is one that is operated from a single network that integrates all of a building’s systems on a single platform. One in which all systems converge to create a complete, interoperating solution for the communication, safety, and comfort and security of a building

 Service Categories & DefinitionMain Service Area
IBS ConsultingAdvises the most suitable solution by comparing strengths & weaknesses of available IBS solutions in each sub-category and provides cost estimation.
  • Unit System Analysis
  • Integrated System Design – Review of existing design, preliminary design and revised design
  • System Design Verification – Preliminary design review, suggestion of optimal solutions, cost estimation
IBS ImplementationProvides construction design, construction installation, pilot operation of SI, BA, TC QA
  • Building Automation
  • Office Automation
  • Tele Communication
  • System Integration
  • Facility Management System
IBS MaintenanceSelects the most suitable solution through diagnostics of an existing IBS system, and establishes a new system
  • Maintenance of Existing Systems
  • Repair & Enhancement of Old Systems

Much of the talk about intelligent buildings focuses on energy management. To us, an intelligent building created from one integrated ICT infrastructure can deliver so much more. People want to live and work in greener, safer, smarter buildings and this in itself is driving the adoption of an increasing number of automated systems.