To satisfy customers and compete in a mobile environment, shopping malls must provide basic networking system and a friendly social platform for the tenants and customers to communicate efficiently. As we build out a smart mall according to your requirements, Embrio’s experienced technical team will guide you through each step of the process: starting with a site survey, following by the design and installation and then going through the deployment process, which includes cable installation, Wi-Fi configuration and installation, and head end build out. We will also help you to optimize your network, integrate loyalty programs and launch a secure consumer web interface.

  • Inventory Management
  • Product Catalog Maintenance
  • Gateway to e-Payment
  • Sales Report for Variable Rental

  • Store Location, Products, Directory Search
  • Advertising and Promotional Tools

  • Sale or Rental of P.O.S
  • Peripherals, Accessories Supplies
  • Advertising and Promotions Collaterals
  • System Technical Support
  • Reward Points Redemption for Members

  • Variable Rental Charges

  • Rewards Points
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Buying Trends
  • CRM Reports

  • Economies of Scale for Purchases
  • Improve Procurement Process
  • Secured e-Payment
  • e-Forms (e-PO, e-DO, e-Invoice, etc.)

  • Avoid Billing Error
  • Fast Keys
  • Minimal Training Required

  • Remote Access of Store Operations
  • Prevent Fraud and Theft in the Store

  • Secured e-Payment
  • Fulfilment Service
  • Increase Customer Base

Centralised Management for Internet Access

Granular Access Control

High Availability

Captive Portal Server

Collect user information

Social Media Integration

Easy/Refined Management

Data Analysis

User Profile

Dynamic Heat Map